Trump’s wall funding was redistributed to some military projects

The Biden administration has announced that it will initially withdraw $ 2.2 billion from the budget aimed at building the border wall between the United States and Mexico. This money will help build many military projects.

This is officially the end of the wall that Donald Trump wanted on the border with Mexico. The Biden administration announced on Monday, June 14 that it would allocate $ 2.2 billion, initially in military projects intended for construction. He also asked Congress to cancel the remaining funds for the wall.

The Ministry of Defense has indicated that these funds will be used in 66 Projects, implemented in 11 States, three territories and 16 countries ”, Communication United States Today. Approximately $ 10 million will be used to purchase new anti-ballistic missiles to protect U.S. territory from North Korean attacks from Fort Greece, Alaska. Funds will also be allocated for the renovation of several U.S. bases and buildings designed for the families of serving soldiers.

The 56-kilometer wall built under Trump

The move came as no surprise to anyone, underscoring the American newspaper. When he arrived at the White House, Joe Biden signed an executive order halting the construction of the wall promised by Donald Trump on the Mexican border. The US president also promised that the funds initially planned would be allocated to other projects.

But this announcement risks attracting criticism from Conservatives. There was the wall “One of the priorities” Of the Trump administration, recalls United States Today. Republican President Pentagon has taken billions of dollars from the budget to fund his plan to strengthen the border with Mexico. The money, along with other funds, was to complete 1,425 kilometers of new fences in the spring of 2022.

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Despite Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s desire to resume construction, the project is stalled today. Under President Trump, repairing existing structures was largely a task. In four years, only 56 kilometers of the 3,142-kilometer stretch of this border will be built.


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