Trump puts his pawns, which is disturbing

Donald Trump puts down his pawns, and that is a matter of concern to democracy. The impeachment of Liz Cheney this week is just one of many things that show Trump has not abandoned the idea of ​​a coup.

The president of the 30,000 spreads his strategy to regain power. Cheating and lying is the crux of it. Because a man who cheated throughout his life, whether to enter university or work, cheating and lying are considered legal tools. He doesn’t care if he’s killing American democracy along the way.

1. Why is the dismissal of Liz Cheney dangerous?

Until Wednesday, Liz Cheney was the leader of Republican elected officials in the House of Representatives. Officially, she was fired because she placed too much importance on the fight against Trump and not enough to fight the Joe Biden program. Nevertheless, everyone understood that, in Trump’s eyes, Cheney was guilty of a major crime: She believed that the last presidential election was fair and honest. With good reason, she accuses Trump of spreading the story of the stolen presidential election. That lie, 55% of Republican voters believe it. This is the best feature of Elise Stefanik, who is now replacing Cheney. She is aggressively promoting the idea that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

2. What does a Cheney referral show?

The impeachment of Cheney, combined with the troubles facing anti-Trump Republican leaders in their party, shows that Trump supporters are in control of the party apparatus. The latter is trying to expel not only anti-Trump leaders, but also Republican supporters who do not adhere to the Trump personality cult.

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3. Why change the electoral rules?

Trump’s strategy extends beyond the Republican Party’s control. It is based on changing electoral laws in all the states controlled by the Republicans. The latter particularly wants to limit postal voting as much as possible. That’s because voters who voted by mail backed the Democrats 2 to 1. So Trump is changing the rules of the game.

4. What is Trump’s propaganda?

Trump’s propaganda is dirty, but it hits the average American. Trump tries to make it appear as if Marxists are infiltrating the Democrats, while the Biden program hardly puts the United States on the edge of industrialized countries’ policies. For the Democrats to cheat and steal the elections when he is the one to do so. Biden is ineligible to rule mentally and physically and that his running of the country is disastrous, while he himself is mentally ill. Finally, Trump ties Wokism to the Democratic Party – here unfortunately a little right.

5. Where might Trump’s strategy end?

Trump lays out all the elements of the nightmare scenario for Democrats and Democracy. Republicans, through the new rules, could easily win a majority in both houses in 2022 and refuse to recognize a duly elected president other than Trump. A maneuver that will be supported by that portion of the electorate, given the stolen election propaganda. In addition, the anti-Trump Republicans are threatening to quit the Republican Party and establish their own party. But it is not clear that such a party, which would be a moderate, would attract more Republican votes than the Democrats.

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