Trump once again acquitted, but was found guilty

Although the Senate acquitted former US President Donald Trump on Saturday of his role in the bloody riots on Capitol Hill on January 6, a majority of the senators found him guilty.

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“The headline is that he was acquitted, but very quickly we must write that it is a slap in the face from Hell, political and historical. [que Trump] Says Raphael Jacob, a US policy analyst and member of the Raoul Dandorand Chair at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

On Saturday, there was a landmark Senate vote whether or not to admit Trump’s guilt in the attacks on Capitol Hill that left five people dead.

57 senators voted for the Republican billionaire’s conviction, 43 against. But to be found guilty, at least 67 members of the Senate, or two-thirds of elected officials, had to vote in that direction.

“It has to be said that it is difficult to get 67 votes in the Senate,” says Jacob. Getting only 57 is unprecedented! In all of American history, there has never been a president who garnered so many guilty votes against. “

Trump is the only president of the United States to have been charged twice, and he is also the only person to have been acquitted on two occasions, after 2020.


The analyst stresses that this is also the first time that there is a bipartisan majority, with elected officials from both parties voting to convict a president.

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In fact, seven Republican senators voted against Trump on Saturday.

Although he did not vote against the businessman, the influential leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, on Saturday embodied the anxieties of some of his clan members. Once the verdict was announced, he did not hesitate to be bitter.

He asserted, “There is no doubt, no, that President Trump is responsible, in fact and morally, for causing the events of that day” on January 6.

Trump Reggett

Donald Trump did not hesitate to respond through a press release, Saturday, after the vote result.

Our wonderful, historic and patriotic movement is making America great again [Redonnez sa gloire à l’Amérique]He just started, “he wrote, again pretending to be the victim of a” witch hunt. “

– With Agence France-Presse

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