Trump has filed a lawsuit to block the release of documents related to the attack on Capitol Hill

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Former US President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit Monday against the release of documents related to the attack on Capitol Hill last January.

The parliamentary committee investigating the attack on Congress for obtaining these documents has been accused of being “unprecedented in terms of breadth and scope” and that these documents “have nothing to do with any legitimate legal purpose”.

The Trump administration has described current US President Joe Biden’s refusal to protect documents as a “political ploy to accommodate his political allies.”

Trump’s move is seen as a “challenge” to Biden, who has not made a decision to stop the release of the cited documents.

On October 9, Trump agreed to ask the National Archives not to submit documents on what his supporters did on the day of the attack on Capitol in a special congressional committee dedicated to investigating these events.

It should be noted that the US Supreme Court has ruled on the right of presidents to keep certain documents and discussions confidential. The outgoing president has the decision-making power to exercise this right, not the former president.

Trump first used these executive powers in 2019 to prevent access to Judge Robert Mueller’s full report on Russian interference in the US presidential election.

On the day scheduled to certify the results of the presidential election, the United States Congress set up a special committee to investigate the attack on Capitol Hill, which Biden won at Trump’s expense, the latter refusing to admit defeat.

Biden could have prevented the President from submitting archival documents of the proceedings to the Board of Inquiry, but he did not do so.

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At that time, 5 people were killed in an attack by Trump supporters against Capitol.

* Translated by Mounir Bennur from Arabic

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