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It took one poll to relaunch the idea of ​​the Donald Trump nomination in 2024. Just a little more and we were presented with a slogan!

According to the Politico / Morning Consult poll, whose results were released earlier this week, 59% of Republican voters believe 45H The president is expected to play a significant role in the upcoming presidential election and 54% of them will line up behind him.

While it is, of course, too early to fully gauge the support of the outgoing president, the Trump brand remains popular. Earlier this week, I was interested in a possible nomination of Lara Trump, Eric’s wife, and looking at the table, you’ll find that while Donald Trump ranks first in voting intentions for Republican voters, his son Donald Jr. ranks third in Nikki Haley’s company.

Whether they like it or not, Republican leaders and elected officials still have a good time to gauge Donald Trump’s influence and control over the political formation. If you’re wondering if you can still win the bet on him, splitting the party is like condemning yourself to opposition.

Despite rumors or statements indicating the creation of a new political formation, it does not seem realistic to me to consider it in the short or medium term. Donald Trump knows he cannot win alone and Republican strategists are well aware of his impact. Thus, the votes can only be divided in favor of a common opponent: the Democratic Party.

Can we really consider the Trump nomination in 2024? There will be many pitfalls in the path of the former president between now and then. We already know that family cases are not doing well and that prosecutors finish preparing their cases before lawsuits against Donald Trump.

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In 2024, the patriarch of the Trump clan will turn 78 years old. Of course, the current president is ruling the country at this very old age, but without being very old, it is doubtful whether the health of the two men will allow them to lead a difficult campaign within four years.

Before considering Trump accomplished a rare, non-consecutive second term (only Grover Cleveland did), we should also remember that of the more than 80 million voters who voted for Joe Biden in 2020, there were a large number doing so. Less enthusiastic about putting an end to the circus of the past four years.

So Donald Trump remains popular among his supporters, and Republican elected officials like Lindsay Graham are still trying to win his favor, but the businessman will have to endure his fatigue and, at times, his disgust.

What is the opinion of the majority of Americans about his unfounded allegations of election fraud and the criticism he casts on institutions? What do you think of his role in the attack on Capitol Hill on January 6? And nearly 60% thought he should be impeached. Sure, we’ll think twice before we make him the Republican candidate in 2024.

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