Trudeau: It smells like the end of judgment

For months, the Trudeau government has been embroiled in numerous scandals. Weeks and months follow one another and look the same, from one crisis to the next the Trudeau government seems to be constantly on the defensive, which is a particularly bad one.

The inability to effectively manage crises, dispel the doubts and doubts that circulate, and ensure the consistency of the government’s message are all symptoms of an exhausted government at the end of its term.

But beyond that feeling, it is the departure of members of the Guard close to the Trudeau government that marks the morale. Again this week, it was Cameron Ahmed, our loyal and loyal communications director, who announced his departure.

Mr Ahmed worked for nine years with Justin Trudeau when the latter was only Leader of the Second Opposition. He is a collaborator in the first hour and participated in the three general elections. Before him, there were other believers like André Lynn Halle, Olivier Duchesneau, Mathieu Bouchard, etc. announced their withdrawal.

They are all the same symptoms that don’t lie. However, the fact that Gifted and Devoted leaves the boat, we shouldn’t be surprised to see him take on the water.

The least we can say is that we are far from it sunny ways which the Prime Minister was talking about in 2015. Knowing that CSIS knew of the Chinese regime’s intent to intimidate the family of a Canadian MP without notifying the relevant principal or lifting a finger sends a shiver down your spine. To point out that despite all this information being gathered, the member of the Chinese consular corps behind all these shenanigans is still in office, here on Canadian soil without being bothered by the government, is quite scandalous.

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