Trudeau Cabinet | Strings of strength for women

(Ottawa) Finance. Foreign affairs. defense. international trade. Treasury Board. Social development. Recruitment and workforce development. Utilities and purchases. Farming. Ministries of paramount importance in Ottawa. Ministries headed by women now.

By unveiling the ministerial team he will support in running state affairs at Rideau Hall on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to hand the strands of power to women in the federal capital. The list is wonderful.

Mr Trudeau apparently chose this defining moment in the early days of his new term – the formation of his government – to mark the occasion. Thus, without saying a word, he renewed his feminist confession of faith. This image, which he has developed since taking power in 2015, when he formed a joint government for the first time in the country’s history on the federal scene, has been scratched by the SNC-Lavalin case and the subsequent expulsion of former ministers. Jodi Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott of the Liberal Caucus in Spring 2019.

This issue came to light again during the last election campaign following the publication in September of a book by Jody Wilson-Raybould about his time in politics. In it, she accused Mr Trudeau of calling her to lie about pressure she says she was under from the prime minister’s office to avoid a trial at SNC-Lavalin on charges of contract fraud and corruption in Libya.

But the appointment of women to several key ministries in his government helps turn the page on this difficult period of his rule. Women will have a real and lasting influence on the major decisions that their government will take in the coming period.

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Justin Trudeau had also given some preconceived notion of his intentions when he announced, ten days after the Liberals won the September 20 election, that Chrystia Freeland remained at the helm of the Treasury and that she also retained his duties as Deputy Prime Minister.

PHOTO ADRIAN WYLD, The Canadian Press

Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister

The face of Canadian diplomacy

On Tuesday, the prime minister caused a surprise when he entrusted the foreign ministry to Melanie Jolie, and expelled Marc Garneau, who headed Canadian diplomacy for 10 months, from the cabinet. NSI Jolie is definitely very popular in the Prime Minister’s Office. She has done well as Minister of Economic Development during the pandemic. He also allowed liberal forces to maintain their gains in Quebec during the last election campaign in extreme cases as co-chair of the national campaign.

NSI Julie will face a steep learning curve. You will now be the face and voice of Canadian diplomacy. She will have to learn to navigate the perilous waters. Canada’s relations with China, Russia and Saudi Arabia, among other countries, are far from in good shape. Despite the change of administration in Washington, Canada still needs to repair its relations with the United States to avoid the repercussions of President Joe Biden’s protectionist policies.

In front of reporters Tuesday pmI Jolie has shown that she has done her duty by quoting one of the most famous foreign ministers in the country’s history. “I take a lot of inspiration from what Lester B. Pearson already said, which is that with their very strong power of influence, Canada can play in the major leagues internationally.”

However, it remains evident in the face of some countries. “Our eyes are wide open on the China issue and we have no illusions.”

rising star

In the Ministry of Defense, Minister Anita Anand inherits an opaque ministry where the notion of accountability is a foreign concept. Cleaning is essential at the highest ranks of the Canadian Armed Forces due to the proliferation of allegations of sexual misconduct that have swirled among several senior officers since the beginning of the year. The rising star of the liberal governmentI Anand distinguished herself during the pandemic when she was Minister of Public Services and Supply. You have achieved amazing results in the global race to get enough doses to immunize all Canadians. This is two months before the deadline set by the government.

“I want to make sure that the Canadian Department of Defense and the Canadian Armed Forces continues to be highly respected around the world. It is a very important institution in our country,” said Mr.I Anand before going to the defense headquarters.

As you’ve seen with vaccines, I’m determined, I work hard and I’m results oriented. So, these are the attributes I will put in this file.

Anita Anand, Minister of Defense

Henceforth, the men appointed to the Cabinet would also follow the women. This is particularly the case with Randy Poissonault, Tourism Minister and Assistant Finance Minister, who will work under the orders of Chrystia Freeland. This is also the case for Harjit Sagan, who has moved from defense to international development, and who will take his guidance from Melanie Jolie. The same fate awaits Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Defense Secretary Lawrence Macaulay, who will have to report to Anita Anand.

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These three women, along with Marie Ng in International Trade, Mona Fortier in Treasury Board, Karina Gould in Social Development, Carla Qualtrough in Employment and Workforce Development, Philomena Tassi in Utilities and Supply, Marie-Claude Bebeau in Agriculture, as well as Diane Lebouthillier for National Revenue, Writes a new page of history in Canadian politics.

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