‘Travel restrictions have become a discriminatory system’

platform. In June, European countries will reopen their borders to vaccinated US travelers, a non-binding easing decided by twenty-seven years, at the suggestion of the European Commission. France is working to open before mid-June, once the vaccine verification system is established, it is still under study. For Americans barred from residing in Europe for fifteen months, this is a relief. Not only will they be able to reach the shores of the Mediterranean, but they will also be able to freely find their loved ones. Europeans are not very fortunate, and the ocean is still separated by thousands of families, couples and loved ones.

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Restrictions imposed by the US presidential declaration in March 2020 to limit the number of travelers between the United States and Europe remain in place. It was briefly terminated by President Trump when he left in January, and it was immediately brought back by Joe Biden, who made fighting Covid-19 a priority of his administration. To this day, entry to the United States remains off-limits to travelers. Physically present in the last 14 days In the Schengen area, in the United Kingdom and Ireland, except If there is Exclusion of national interest [exception d’intérêt national].

Bi-national companies, green card holders, diplomats, journalists, and students have automatic entry fees, while Exceptions to the national interest It is allocated to workers on a case-by-case basis Providing vital support to critical infrastructure sectors. For others, business or tourist travelers, investors, US-based employees, business creators, exchange visitors, tens of thousands of expats with jobs in one country and family in the other, the entry ban knew no fifteen-month rest period.

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Services running at low speed

Being a holder of a long-stay visa related to a professional situation or activity does not imply the right to enter the United States. Under the same system of tourists, those Europeans holding so-called non-immigrant visas must apply for it Exclusion of national interest To be able to return to the United States, which is most often rejected. Additionally, the visa services for US consulates in Europe have been operating on a discounted basis for months. According to the State Department website, the current waiting time for scheduling a nonimmigrant visa appointment is 98 days in Berlin, 165 days in Madrid, 372 days in Paris and 999 days in Rome.

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