Travel freely between the United States and the United Kingdom? Not since July!

Discussions are underway to build a kind of “air bridge” between the two Atlantic beaches. But such a result seems unlikely in the coming weeks.

A ” Travel sidewalk It would have allowed travelers to travel to one of the two states without compulsory isolation, thus greatly promoting trade between the two countries. Again, the Delta variant has come to thwart these best plans because its proliferation within its archipelago threatens the safety of Americans who want to go there. It should be noted that the UK recorded more than 70,000 additional cases between the weekend and this June 30th.

In addition, the vaccination strategy in the two English-speaking countries worked differently: AstraZeneca’s serum was not approved to prevent the American population, which led to a certain distrust among the British.

Therefore, if the British government first expects a response by July 4, the deadline for these issues should be postponed to August. The conversation that took place in early June around such Atlantic corridor between Boris Johnson and Joe Biden would not change anything.
After all, a task force tries to resolve the situation quickly, but in order to do so, a consensus must be formed between experts and decision makers on both sides of the Atlantic concerned.

The news comes at a time when compulsory isolation has been announced for British tourists who have not been fully vaccinated in Portugal for 14 days.
Similarly, evidence must be provided for both a needle or a negative test for Covit-19 in order to travel to Spain.

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