Travel: 6 favorite UK holiday destinations in the UK

Are you hungry for the holidays? Travel restrictions and rotate your head and do not know that the kotaikalattirku have no where to go? Here is a complete non-list of 6 sites in the UK where Her Majesty subjects enjoy spending their summers.

Skies Holidays Cottage, An independent vacation rental agency salad, painted the portraits of the country’s most popular destinations.

North Wales

Framed by lush greenery and beaches of this area will become an ideal place for a family vacation. Inability to pronounce the names of the cities castles, historic trains, the British area rich in UNESCO sites. It is, for example, the Kanvi Valley Maze, To explore the world’s largest vegetable base with nearly 8,000 m2.

By Ian kelc – anspilas


If you like nature, lakes or outdoor sports, this destination is for you. UK’s most popular national park, The Lake District One of the most popular destinations. Valley, an ideal place for many activities, such as climbing or visiting haunted palaces to being Lake District Beatrice Potter’s bestselling book Peter Rabbit’s Land!

Le Cumbria Lake District T
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இந்த பட்டியலில் கார்ன்வால் மூன்றாவது இடத்தை மட்டுமே கண்டது இதுவே முதல் முறை. So far southwest of England, several hundred kilometers away from the beaches and the beach, surfing, kayaking, boarding and other marine operations in Bad Location is the favorite destination for any lover. In addition to its aquatic activities, the area offers a variety of scenic cities and fishing ports to visit.

A Cornish beach
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Dewey is known for its beaches and wild moors of the Holiday Inn is a great place to take a real break. For example, you can taste Cream tea Traditional, with tea scones Frozen Cream And jam, which is said to belong to the region. That they are the best in the country legend!

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A pukkolik terrain in Devon
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North Yorkshire

“God’s land” with the nickname that applies to this site only by the beauty of its historical opulence. Are under medieval English architecture, a real leap in the history of New York walking around the city center. Part of The sampils Especially popular for its older homes, the tops of which lean forward on either side of the road, giving the impression of touching each other.

Yorkshire to the North
Jerry Swift – Unsplash

Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire surprised not stop yourself! If you are hiking or bicycle riding payappatavit, rejoice in the national park’s your feelings. Icing on the cake, a dozen waterfalls decorate this place is divine. Is there a risk of the toe nanaippat?

A waterfall in the Yorkshire Dales National Park
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