Towards the beginning of an interconnected ecosystem between iPhone and Windows 11

Windows 11 update allows Connected Mobile app to read iPhone text messages and receive calls. A big step towards compatibility.

If you asked someone with multiple Apple devices what is the biggest strength of the iPhone or the brand in general, the answer would most likely be “ environmental system This intuitive connection between the different devices of the brand creates a simple and transparent usability that is difficult to achieve with others due to the multiplicity of brands.

However, the Apple ecosystem is gradually losing its dominance and is seeing competition from Windows. At least partially.

iPhone on “Mobile Connected”

The new Windows 11 update brings what Insiders have already been able to experience since February. In the latest system update – currently in progress – Mobile is connected It can now connect to the iPhone. This allows, as with an Android smartphone, to receive text messages and calls from your computer without having to take your phone as long as it is within Bluetooth range.

Thus, this very practical everyday feature is no longer reserved for those who have bought a MacBook or for Android users. The app also supports the Google system for several years already.

Some restrictions

Note, however, that this Windows 11 update is not yet available to everyone, although it is planned for 85 markets. If it isn’t available to you yet, you’ll have to wait a few more days, as it should be fully live by mid-May.

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Moreover, this new functionality is incomplete. Contrary to what the Apple ecosystem or the link between Windows and Android can offer, it is impossible to send MMS messages using this Windows-iPhone link. So this prevents you from sending photos and videos and also from participating in discussion groups. To do this, you will have to take out your phone or go to another application such as Intel Unison.

cut off the ecosystem

Between this new connectivity of calls and SMS and iCloud Photo syncing in the Windows Photos app, we can begin to glimpse the beginnings of a multi-brand ecosystem. It certainly won’t be as comprehensive as using Apple devices exclusively, but it’s a good start.

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