TousAntiCovid app has surpassed 20 million downloads

After a slow start, TousAntiCovid has crossed 20 million downloads. This increase in strength is explained by the evolution of the application and the arrival of new features.

The government tracking app will eventually need a new name and new features to settle on French smartphones. distance StopCovid failedTousAntiCovid finally surpassed 20 million downloads in France. An important milestone for the custom system Chaotic beginnings. asked by BFMTVIn the origin of the app, Lunabee Studio adds TousAntiCovid accounts “10.6 million at least” of active users in June 2021. This is the number of French people who have opened the application during this period. However, there is no indication whether these millions of users have activated the digital tracking function.

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Originally, StopCovid was actually introduced as a contact tracing app. were aimed at “To facilitate information for people who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 and to speed up their treatment”. Like its European counterparts, it uses a Bluetooth signal from smartphones to “Create Anonymous” That many people have crossed paths. The app can then send or receive notifications in case of exposure to covid-19. In total, it could have sent more than 200,000 alerts to users.

trompe-l’oeil success?

However, the success of TousAntiCovid is not only related to its initial function. the tool evolved a lot And now it offers many features such as the possibility of obtaining an exceptional travel certificate. Then the application added the ability to store certificates of test and vaccination results. Recently, a digital reminder book was introduced to accompany the reopening of certain places (restaurants, bars, gyms, etc.). The signal is called TousAntiCovid, and it allows you to indicate that you are somewhere By scanning the QR code They are contacted in case of contamination.

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All these features can explain the resurgence of the popularity of this app. Note that TousAntiCovid is 58% downloaded to devices Android and 42% on Iphone. So users of Apple-branded smartphones, although there is a minority in France, tend to use this tool.

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