Tournon-d’Agenais. A group appeared for cycling

The Tournon Cycling Group started some time ago when two friends started riding together and has grown steadily over the months depending on health restrictions. Today, there are about fifteen regular runners staying at Tournon and the surrounding areas. Members would like to emphasize that this is not a club, but an informal group of road cycling enthusiasts. Through this specialization, there is also the problem of integration with members coming from France, the UK, Australia, or anywhere else. “Being able to exchange with a kind of double-talk is a great learning experience, even if it is sometimes difficult to communicate during the ride, but the pauses are precious, and so are the points. Getting to where we share a moment together,” said Graham Dobberly, group secretary.

Regular outings

Anyone who lives in the area and is interested in cycling can join these amateur athletes who meet twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays, for outings of 50 to 60 km on average, while respecting, of course, the current rules relevant to Covid. Roads that are followed are plotted on roads with little traffic in surrounding areas or a little further away according to a program suggested by each other. These athletes, both men and women, wear the Turnon badge on their green and white shirts to easily practice their favorite sport. No contributions required, just one registration per outing and a desire to meet to discover new places and meet new people. So if you also like to ride a bike without a competitive spirit, you can join them.

For all information, [email protected].

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