Toulouse: theater and music in January at Espace Roget

This January, Espace Roger revealed in Toulouse the second part of his season. Thus, the audience will be able to enjoy the various shows from January to July. For the first month of the year, a large place was left for the theater in all its forms. The dates are punctuated by a few musical dates.

January offers:

  • Thursday, January 6, 8:30 p.m.: Susan BellobriElectronic song. Susan Bellobri is a multifaceted artist: pianist, singer, and percussion maker, whose harmony is shown between Camille and James Blake. On stage, Susan shares with gentle force her vision of the world and love.
  • Friday, January 14, 8:30 p.m.: saltsTheatre, 2 l’Acte, theatre. salts It is a way of responding with humor, poetry and imagination to a dismal state of the world. It is an invitation to seize the good moments of existence, as Françoise Hertier writes in her book Le sel de la vie, and as it is all about the theatre, to lead the spectator on a fun and lively adventure.
  • Saturday January 22 at 8:30 pm: Oppa!C. Vassistedas, a theatrical debate. This evening was organized as part of the Chemins de la République program of the Haute-Garonne County Council. Show Oppa! It evokes a German woman living in Toulouse, searching for her place between her Nazi grandfather and the Toulouse Holocaust survivors who may have met him in time. Is flexibility possible? The show questions our responsibility to the children of today and tomorrow, and will be followed by a cross-discussion with the actress and two historians, one of whom is from the Holocaust memorial.
  • Friday, January 28, 8:30 p.m.: red – Volet 1, AQUI Macorina, theatre, music and dance. RED is a multi-faceted and multi-faceted project. It is an interdisciplinary work that blends tango, theater, music and circus that questions the gender discrimination of Argentine tango.
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