Toulouse. La Nuit du Slam 2021 live from Espace Roger –

Toulouse.  La Nuit du Slam 2021 live from Espace Roguet cdr
Toulouse. La Nuit du Slam 2021 directly from Espace Roger
Council for Development and Reconstruction

On Saturday 20 March, Espace Roger of the Board of Directors will host the Toulouse edition of the 14th edition of the Nuits du Slam 2021. Due to the healthy context and the current closure of the venue, this evening will be broadcast live on social networks from 7 pm and a site entirely in LSF.

this is An annual event Which was carried by the Contre-current association is part of the French and Francophone week, within the program “Tell me ten words (don’t miss) the air.”

The first evening in Toulouse in Night slam In 2021, Espace Roguet will host the “spoken word” stage, a crossword puzzle / word language and L’Envoûtante and Tô concerts. The second evening will take place on March 27th at 7:30 pm in digital version of La Brique Rouge.

Artists are invited to Espace Roguet

Spoken word
The spoken word stage will open the first two evenings of the two evenings of Toulouse on 20 March 2021. Accompanied by musicians Laurent Avizou and Frédéric Cavallin, the participating contestants will have 3 minutes to deliver their texts / voices on the Espace Roguet stage.

Cross creation – sign language and word language
As part of this event, deaf and audiovisual creators will participate in a creative workshop from 15-20 March, and will be accompanied by artists Laëty Tual (chansigne) and Tô (poet, musician, artist). This clerical work week will end with online compensation on March 20 during slam night in Toulouse.

Sound, drums, electronic tapestry. A crude statement subtly questions the vicissitudes of our daily lives. As long as we unabashedly focus on obsessive idealism, seeing from above is worth the detour, uncompromising and relentless, to revive the depths.

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TÔ – Orpheus without brakes
Electric song
Alarm shouts, love songs, pictures telling the story of a human journey.
With the help of guitar, mini piano, micro rhythm and percussion box, Tô plays warm, dancing music close to dub, Techno, mixed pop rock.
Out of the box, out of the bounds of style and form, Orpheus embodies the present day, dark and solar. Darkness is like times and solar like the desire to be born again and again.

To support Haut-Garonnais companies and artists in this period of health crisis that has severely affected the world of culture, the Board of Directors has hosted 16 companies in art residency since September at Espace Roguet, currently closed to the public. These companies have leveraged the administration’s innovation assistance system, including in particular video recordings of takeover offers, which are broadcast on the community’s social networks in order to promote art projects.

useful information :
Slam Night 2021 at L’Espace Roguet
Saturday, March 20 from 7:00 pm at:
– the page Facebook Haute-Garonne Cultures


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