Toulon denounces the cancellation of the Eighth Champions Cup

Through a press release, Toulon denounced the conditions that led to the cancellation of the 16th round of the Champions Cup, which was scheduled for Friday in Ireland against Leinster, in the Covid case that was discovered on Wednesday. “Proof of errors related to the organization of European competitions,” according to Farr.

“The EPCR left the players and staff to go to Ireland, prepare for the match, and finally deny him a few hours before participating in this big event,” notes RCT. Rugby Club Toulonnais deeply regrets this decision and sends it thoughts to all of his supporters who have been eagerly awaiting this meeting.

RCT press release:

“ Rugby club Toulonnais learned on Friday April 2, 2021 in surprise that the EPCR decided to cancel tonight’s meeting at Leinster due to a positive case of COVID-19 at Red workforce & Black.

While the PCR tests conducted on the entire workforce on Monday March 29 were all negative, the tests conducted on Wednesday March 31 revealed a positive case, the case of a frontline player in the RCT.

As per protocol, the RCT leaders immediately notified the EPCR and the National Rugby League. The player concerned was placed in solitary confinement.
The EPCR responded a few hours later to asking the RCT doctor more questions. Then the latter answered the entire questionnaire.
The EPCR then submitted a request to obtain a ‘contact tracing’ for the respective player. RCT provided this as soon as possible, with departure scheduled for Ireland on Thursday morning (April 1).
The EPCR, with support from an independent practitioner, then analyzed the “contact tracing” file provided by the RCT.
At the end (Thursday morning), the EPCR asked the club to conduct a new PCR test on the entire red and black workforce in Ireland.
Therefore, these tests were conducted last night in the Irish capital, and all results were negative.

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Finally, UEFA considered on Friday morning (a few hours before the match) that all frontlines were considered cases of contact and that they could not participate in the match, providing the possibility to change the meeting on Sunday on the condition that 6 frontline players are replaced. Obvious mathematical impossibility …

This is again evidence of the errors associated with the organization of European competitions. The EPCR left the players and staff to go to Ireland, preparing for the match, only to deny him a few hours before kick-off from participating in this major event.

The rugby club Toloni strongly condemns this decision and sends its ideas to all its fans who are eagerly awaiting this meeting. “

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