Tough years for Trudeau internationally

Liberal oligarchs’ two years of international rule have not been easy for Justin Trudeau, who has had to endure a historic failure at the United Nations, as well as see COVID-19 take its place almost entirely in diplomatic issues.

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“Because of the pandemic, Mr. Trudeau hasn’t really been able to show himself on the international stage,” analyzes University of Ottawa political scientist Genevieve Teller.

She said that during the last Liberal term, the diplomatic agenda and goals of Canada’s prime minister had to be put on ice in favor of pandemic-related issues.

However, some Canadian diplomatic issues have received attention since the 2019 elections, such as the country’s historic and resounding failure at the United Nations in the summer of 2020.

Trudeau’s government was in fact unable to secure a seat on the United Nations Security Council. He was even eliminated in the first round, his first since 1945.

This is not counting relations with China that have deteriorated in recent years, a major irritant to the liberal government.

A Communist regime court has just sentenced businessman Michael Spavor to 11 years in prison, a decision seen as retaliation for Canadian legal actions against Ming Wanzhou, the leader of telecom giant Huawei.

At the same time, the issue of boarding schools near which children’s remains were discovered made waves abroad. Daniel Byland, director of the McGill Institute for Canadian Studies, notes that it also damages the image of the liberal leader and the country.

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aura faded

It must be said that the Prime Minister had a great start on the international scene in terms of image. After being first elected in 2015, Mr. Trudeau has become the darling of Western leaders. He had an extraordinary aura due to his appearance as a young head of state skilled at taking selfies.

However, that aura has since weakened, in part as a result of the blunders. It will be remembered that during a trip to India in 2018, he was criticized for wearing traditional costumes.

Then in the middle of the 2019 election campaign, a photo published by the magazine time sparked controversy. We saw Justin Trudeau, in his youth, his face made up in black to embody the character of Aladdin.

the watchers

With his star waning, the scientist was able to focus on the concrete actions of Mr. Trudeau, raising the scholar at CÉRIUM from the University of Montreal.
Jocelyn Colon.

Even if it’s part of the G7, “we can say that after six or seven years of Justin Trudeau’s rule, Canada is a country that is watching the international scene, not represented,” he asserts.

However, Mr Biland believes that the disastrous management of Donald Trump’s pandemic in the US and the vaccination rate in Canada have enabled Mr Trudeau to stand out in the field, helping to “stabilize his image”.

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