Tottenham does not want to sell Harry Kane to English clubs but to Spain

Harry Kane is one of the most coveted topics of the major European clubs including Real Madrid and Barcelona. The England striker is tired of playing for Tottenham who are struggling to lift the title. He has said enough and will think about his near future after the European Championships this summer, a tournament in which he will almost certainly be the England striker.

Guillem Balaguy, a Spanish journalist based in England, spoke for the Evening Standard about the future prospects of Harry Kane. Big clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea are closely followed by the British, the excellent teams that have made Daniel Levy, the president of Tottenham Hotspur, things a lot more difficult than other teams such as Real Madrid or Barcelona.

“There is no way that Barcelona or Real Madrid can compete for transfers or high salaries. They can do that with other things, but not with money. I have spoken to him about this many times and I think he would love to play in the Spanish League. He is one of those players, in Like his age, who started pursuing La Liga when La Liga became a British producer for the first time. When you are at your best, or maybe when you need to take that step forward, you want to be there. Real Madrid and Barcelona are said to be places he wants In going to it. If anyone has the ability to persuade any player, it is Florentino Perez and Joan Laporta. ” He said.

However, Harry Kane, like most players, will make their decisions after the European Championships.

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