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Do you want to continue your studies in Europe? Here are the continent’s top 5 universities and scholarship opportunities. Also discover solutions to improve your chances.

Europe is full of exciting opportunities for students from all over the world. In fact, in the old continent there are many prestigious universities that offer diverse offers in terms of courses and learning. In addition, full or partial scholarships are distributed each year to the most deserving foreign candidates. It is granted by the European Union, governments, institutions or specialized bodies. What are the top 5 universities in Europe and how do you improve your chances of getting accepted?

Tips and tricks for getting the scholarship

Scholarships in Europe It is awarded to the most deserving candidates, particularly to prestigious universities. Hence, it is important to get very good grades in high school in order to be eligible. It is also necessary to show motivation and seriousness. To do this, it is necessary to write an influential cover letter or scholarship application. Examination of this writing is one of the final selection criteria.

How to write a scholarship application in Europe?

Your application for a scholarship in Europe must be clear, brief and free from errors. It should include specific topics and information:

  • your current level of study;
  • The domain you wish to incorporate;
  • Duration of the course
  • the job you plan to do;
  • actual demand.

Content must be original and official. It is therefore highly recommended to seek online writing assistance to improve your chances. platform EduBirdie It offers interesting services in this field. EduBirdie is a student support platform. He puts at your service experienced writers to help you write an essay, research proposal, or other academic text. A patch service and tools such as a plagiarism checker are also available if needed. Variable and reasonable rates.

Top 5 Universities in Europe

Find out now details of the top 5 universities in Europe offering various study options.

1- University of Cambridge, UK

The University of Cambridge is ranked among the most prestigious universities in the world. They are described as elitist and highly involved in technological development. Moreover, he studied there great names in science such as Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.

Also, the institution offers more than 60 majors in these 31 independent colleges. Science, medicine, arts or engineering, the choice is wide. Finally, several scholarships are awarded to study at the University of Cambridge each year under the Gates Cambridge programme. Candidates are selected according to their intellectual skills and motivation.

2- Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich or ETH Zurich in Switzerland

ETH Zurich is a public university specializing in technology, science, engineering, and mathematics. It is well known all over the world for the efficiency of its teachers and the quality of the courses.

In addition, the institution cooperates with many laboratories and companies so that students can encounter real practical cases. Among them, we can count on Google, IBM or Microsoft. Also, there are many opportunities for creating start-ups thanks to networks of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs or even tech parks. It is possible to get a master’s study scholarship awarded by the same university.

3- Technical University of Munich, Germany

It is a prestigious university founded in 1868. It is made up of several universities and offers a variety of disciplines, including sports sciences, architecture, education, and medicine. This university offers its students many exchange opportunities as well as a wide range of research projects thanks to its international cooperation agreements.

In addition, it is one of the institutions that issues the MamaSylve master’s degree as part of it From the Erasmus Mundus programme. Finally, several scholarships are offered each year to international students such as the TUM Asia Academic Distinction Scholarship.

4- Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands

Delft University of Technology is ranked among the best universities of technology on the European continent. It is made up of 8 faculties and thus offers the following majors: Industrial Engineering, Management, Management and Technology, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Applied Sciences, Civil Engineering and Earth Sciences.

As a modern institution, it also has many research institutions. Scholarships are available to applicants from several countries. There are for example TU Delft Excellence Scholarships, IAWA Scholarships or even scholarships for summer courses.

5- University of Oxford in the United Kingdom

The University of Oxford is the main competitor to the University of Cambridge. It is an elite enterprise founded in 12y century. He is also in the top five in the world rankings. In addition, it is made up of 38 faculties and offers the following disciplines: medical sciences, social sciences, humanities, life and earth sciences, mathematics and physics.

Several scholarships are distributed to candidates who wish to further their education at this prestigious university. Some are automatic, such as the Duke of Cambridge Scholarship or the Refugee Scholarship. Others, such as the Commonwealth Joint Grants or the Crusher Grants, require an additional application.


There are many opportunities to continue studying at the best universities in Europe. Note that studying online can also be an option. In any case, many scholarships, such as the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship 2022, are awarded annually to promising foreign students. This assistance can be partial or complete. To benefit from it, you must have good grades and write a perfect application. Hence, it is advisable to seek the services of EduBirdie to help you improve your chances of getting the scholarship. However, it should also be noted that the financial income of the candidate or his family is also taken into account.

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