Top 14. Top 14 migrating to UK and Ireland!

This is news that will please the authorities of the tricolor rugby game. This wednesday, Irish Channel Premier Sports has announced that it has just acquired the rights to broadcast the 14 best channels from this weekend until 2023! As a result, the UK and Ireland will be able to follow our championship as closely as possible on Friday evening during the Stade Français-Lyon match. Premier Sports has confirmed that the past two days, as well as the play-offs, semi-finals and finals, will be broadcast live. The channel that broadcasts Pro 14 or the current Rainbow Cup welcomed the announcement in a press release on its website:The TOP 14 has been recognized globally as one of the most intense club rugby competitions featuring the world’s best players from across France, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, the United Kingdom and Australia“.

The ultimate enemy, Gropetto, top 14 in his home stretch, is the dice really rolled?

As mentioned earlier, Consequently, the Irish group will be broadcasting TV for the 2021/22 and 2022/23 seasons, with four live matches selected and a weekly show of the best moments each day.. The matches will be available on Premier Sports 1 and 2 as well as the other channel FreeSports. Also on Premier Sports, LNR President Rene Buscatel was also enthusiastic at the time of the announcement:The top 14 leagues are the sexiest rugby league in the world, and we look forward to strengthening our ties with two rugby countries: the UK and Ireland. We are delighted that the British and Irish fans, who are familiar with the game, will be able to follow the exploits of the best players in the world every weekend until 2023, thanks to Premier Sports. Richard Sweeney, CEO of Premier Sports, said:Premier Sports is pleased to bring more world-class live rugby to its sports fan channels by securing the rights to the 14 best games in Europe. The top 14 teams host a large number of the world’s greatest rugby players and are represented by 14 of the most successful clubs in France with a strong identity and passionate fans. The competition has a great legacy, brings intensity and drama to every day and has a respectable reputation for drawing the interest of rugby fans around the world.

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