Toño Mauri responds to the suggestion that he received a transplant due to the impacts

Via Zoom, the former member of Strawberries with Cream explained all efforts to find where he could receive the double lung transplant he needed, after the hospital where he was being treated for Covid-19 told him that “ there is nothing else to do if they haven’t Undergoing surgery, it was Carla Aleman Magnani.

Toño Mauri and Carla Alemán Magnani

For Tonio Mori, his oldest driver was his wife, Carla Aleman Magnani. (Jesse S Jones / Jesse S Jones University of Florida)

“I came here (to Health Shands) with my confidence, which is a must have for all families, and it is not about knowing someone here in the US who is not working, and I haven’t arrived yet. With a recommendation or letter I came to as another patient and it’s important to say It is thanks to the insurance that covers and helps us.

“It was my case, but there are other ways the hospital uses to help people, depending on the emergency. I was treated like any patient because no one here knows who I am or where I came from. The only effect here is who needs to live and that opens the door for you.”

Toño Mauri puts an end to those who say it was because of his “influences” that he got a transplant

Maori also explained to Shands Hospital at the University of Florida Health that the patients being examined are “people who need an organ to live, and are on the waiting list for this donation.” In her case, it was not waiting, fortunately, for a long time “to be in the hospital, within two weeks the opportunity (of the transplant) came.”

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