Tom Cruise as Pumbaa in “The Lion King”, a role that no one expected

CBS Tom Cruise and James Corden in The Lion King.


Tom Cruise and James Corden in The Lion King.

Entertainment – a mission of paramount importance, from which Tom Cruise could not refuse. star presenter James Corden, Thursday, April 27, released the highly anticipated video for the 60-year-old American actor’s stunning participation in the band’s musical performance. the king lion.

Tonight, we’ll show them something they’ve never seen before. We can work magic Tom Cruise fired to the rest of the band just before the curtain went up, after he introduced himself with James Corden to the Pantages Theater in Hollywood.

While going unnoticed for the first time in a unicorn costume he shares with James Corden, Champion The best He returns on stage for a second time, this time dressed as … Pumbaa. along with a host late late showdisguised as Timon, comes to translate Hakuna Matata.

Tom Cruise can’t hold back. The audience, skeptical and amused, recognized it, As you can see in the video below (from 10′).

This highly entertaining show was retransmitted on Thursday evening prior to broadcast, on CBS and Paramount+ in the US, for a special from late late showthe latest popular American talk show.

star presenter James Corden announced his departure from the show in 2022 after more than seven years on the show, to spend more time with his family. After the host announced his departure, Tom Cruise, who has appeared on the show several times, mocked him, saying, “ I’m sorry you got fired.”.

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