Tokyo Olympics: US Olympic champions for the fourth time in a row

The United States, held by the world’s best striker Kevin Durant with 29 points, won 4 pointse The Olympic title in a row at the Tokyo Olympics by defeating France (87-82) Saturday in Saitama.

USA team Show himself 16e She was crowned in 19 Olympic Games, while for France, this setback is the third in the final after 1948 in London and Sydney in 2000, each time against the United States.

For the United States, it would be a mistake to think that this new coronation is coming work as usual.

Because this force of habit has been challenged for them since Argentina knocked them out in the semi-finals of the 2004 Athens Games. At the time, he was the current coach of USA team Greg Popovich was George Carl’s assistant and suffered from this disappointment. He lived two more years ago in the 2019 World Cup, against the Blues who defeated his team in the quarter-finals.

On the floor of the Saitama Super Arena, Durant and his teammates this time dominated the French, who defeated them in the group stage (83-76), but could not take cover.

Popovic Scholarships

If they had started their matches on Diesel, before entering the steamboat mode, to outright eliminate Spain in the quarter-finals, and then Australia in the half, then the Americans were not expecting much against the Blues, but in the lead (12-6) after four minutes. The moment Durant is taken out of his chest, to tie the baskets in all poses and give her wings USA team, whose progression peaked at 13 lengths (39-26) after eleven minutes.

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The author of 21 points at the break, nearly half of his team, KD, who was personally chasing a third Olympic gold after victories in London and Rio, was more conservative after returning from the locker room.

It was Jason Tatum (19 points) and Damien Lillard (11 points) who definitely made it into the France fold, carried by two NBA players, Rudy Gobert and Yvan Fournier (16 points each).

For Greg Popovich, adding the Olympic gold medal to his five NBA championship rings, which he earned with the San Antonio Spurs, at the age of 72 crowned, is an extraordinary career, with a unique flavor for this coach who has endured a two-year rain of criticism. .

He was clearly not mistaken, who had emphasized that he was “ready to cry and beg” to have Durant on his team at these Olympics. He knows what he owes and so does America.

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