Toe fighting, this totally bizarre sport that can hurt so much

The discipline was created in 1976, and toe fighting has become more and more popular over the years. And if the sport seems “ridiculous”, it nevertheless leads to injury.

In the craziest sports category, toe fight He has a prominent position. A discipline that can be compared to arm wrestling, “toe wrestling” has proven itself today as full practice, with its history, heroes and rules. Pal mal for what was initially a simple invention that 4 friends made over a drink.

Toe fighting, a sport associated with hand wrestling

in 19764 men meet in a bar at Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn in Staffordshire (UK). gradually glasses tied, they find themselves doing…toe fights. And so the sport was launched and you will know steady growth until it becomes a recognized specialty.

Where 1994The World Toe Fighting Championships are held annually at the pub where the sport was born, Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn. The rules are very simple:

  • Players must tie their toes and each player’s foot must touch the other’s foot flat.
  • Opponents try to immobilize the other’s foot for three seconds while avoiding the same fate. There are 3 rounds in the fight. First with the right foot, then the left and again the right if necessary.

Alan Nash, Muhammad Ali from Toe Fighting

Every sport has its legends, and fighting on the toes is no exception. Alan Nash, nicknamed “Bad”, is a true legend of the discipline. And so he has Won the world champion title 17 times، 4 fingers broken In the semi-finals:

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I left the stage, straightened my toes as much as possible and put them in a bucket of ice. I kept bloating, went back to the final, and won the final‘, he explained to CBC. “The problem is that I realized after a few months That one of the toes was not turned back correctlyI had to go to the hospital and had to take the toe off and put it back on. So I couldn’t compete the following year.

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