To refuse to take back asylum seekers to countries towards visa plug – RT en français

The UK government is considering legislation to bar visas from failed asylum seekers and citizens of countries that refuse to withdraw deported criminals.

The UK Daily reports that the UK plans to withhold visas for failed asylum seekers or visitors from countries that refuse to cooperate in withdrawing offenders. Defender.

A bill released on July 6 stated that “the Home Secretary has the power to suspend or delay the implementation of non – cooperation with the British Government in connection with the removal from the United Kingdom. change, “he explains.

A provision in the bill relating to nationality and borders would allow the Home Minister to impose additional funding requirements on visa applications if countries do not cooperate.

Illegal asylum seekers no longer have the same rights

This further provides that asylum seekers who arrived in the UK illegally do not have the same rights as those who enter the country legally. Their request was granted temporary refugee status to them, the responsibility of being deported at any time. Access to allowances and family reunification rights for such individuals may be limited.
Another novelty is that the asylum seeker would be deported from the UK, whilst their asylum application or appeal is enabled, the application will be activated from abroad and opens the door. In addition, legal solutions and procedures will be amended to expedite the removal of those whose applications are denied. However the Home Minister can provide protection to people who are vulnerable in exceptional circumstances “at immediate risk and in danger in their own country”.

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This includes “very difficult for people to obtain refugee status based on unsubstantiated claims.” The Guardian.

Finally, the plan maximum life sentence for smugglers. Returning to England in defiance of orders for deportation of foreign criminals, instead of the current six months to five years imprisonment.

Immigration rights activists, quoted by the British Daily, call the text the “Anti-Refugee Bill”, which imposes fines on those most in need of help. This is the position of Steve Waltz-Symonds, director of the Refugee and Immigrant Rights Program in Amnesty International Britain, which he called the “legislative scandal” that “inevitably violates the right to” asylum “.

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