To calm stress, pay attention to your breathing

How do we get rid of stress, this poison that pollutes our days and nights? The Breathing To help us, it’s a proven method. And I will teach you a very simple and very effective method. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil.

What you’ll do is sit quietly at a table and set a stopwatch for one minute. close your eyes. Place the tip of your pencil on the paper
As far left as possible. For all inspiration, draw a line going up. Then with each exhalation, draw a line going down. As if you were drawing waves. Do it without cheating and in the most natural way.

After a minute, open your eyes Calculate the number of waves. Obviously, there is no competition to win, what matters in doing this exercise is being aware of the link between stress and breathing. The higher the pressure, the more breaths, and vice versa.

To reduce the number of waves, I invite you to repeat this exercise regularly. Little by little you will notice that it will decrease. Because When you are less nervous, your breathing is calmer.

One can even consider this exercise in case of sudden stress. Just thinking about these waves will calm your inner tensions. This is a minute that could change everything.

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