TikTok has started a restaurant business in the United States

Nearly 1000 “dark kitchens” serving food that cause a stir on the social network should see daylight by the end of 2022.

By 2021, the third most searched recipe on Google in the world may seem strange: “Tomato feta pasta“This trend should not be attributed to a great Michelin-star chef, but rather to TikTok. .

The billion-user application did not launch its own campaign. Virtual Dining Concepts announced on Friday, November 17th that it has entered into a partnership with the company. The company is known for allowing many celebrities to start their own restaurant chains, often with great success. Well known example American YouTuber Mr. Beast It has opened nearly 1,500 restaurants in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom in just a few months.

There really aren’t “restaurants” that are open thanks to virtual dining concepts. This is “Dark kitchens»Kitchens that can be ordered using applications such as UberEats and Delivero. So you can’t eat in these places like you would in a traditional restaurant.

Fluctuating map

About 300 TikTok “dark kitchens” are expected to open “Coming soon“In the United States, according to Robert Earlin, co-founder of Virtual Dining Concepts, the goal is to reach 1,000 by the end of 2022. He says he is confident of the partnership’s success and will be able to retain billions of users.Constantly engagedOn stage.

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The menu provided to customers will focus on what works in the application. First card “Pasta chips“, Oven-baked and processed pasta, popular feta pasta or”Corn ribs“The map is expected to change quarterly based on the site’s viral trends.

According to a report sent by TikTok, the profits from these restaurants should be donated to food makers. However, it is not clear how the copyright of the receipts will be stated.

Influencers in France are also showing off their culinary skills. One well-known example is Chef Diego Aller (2.5 million subscribers), a former best chef nominee who opened a restaurant at the age of 24 and published his own cookbook.

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