Tighter measures obliterate glacier birds’ plans

Many Snowbirds are considering revising their plans for the holiday season due to the tightening of health measures that could be announced in the United States in the coming days.

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“I spoke to a few friends who are here in Florida who were thinking about going to Quebec for the holidays, so two weeks, and who told me: If President Biden implements all of these measures, he will stay here.” Speaker and author Jocelyn Cousin.

The latter, who is currently in Florida, also says many were simply considering canceling their trip.

“I was listening to the lines open earlier today in Quebec, and a lot of people started canceling their trip south, whether it was Florida, Mexico, Guadeloupe, etc. Because people are starting to get scared again,” she said in an interview with LCN.

US health officials said Wednesday that Washington is considering stricter testing and quarantines for all travelers entering the United States.

As if there were no more COVID

As the United States considers imposing stricter health measures on travelers, Jocelyn Cousin has found that Florida residents are behaving as if COVID-19 is behind them.

“Honestly, it looks like there’s no more COVID,” she says.

I noticed a significant difference in compliance with the measures compared to last year.

“Surprised. Since I got back, a lot less people are wearing masks than last winter. A lot has changed here. Really, this time around, it feels like there is no more COVID for a lot of these people,” notes Ms. Kazin.

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