Tiger mosquito under surveillance

Small but highly invasive, the tiger mosquito can transmit dangerous diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and Zika. To assess its presence in the area and thus stop its spread, ARS Paca is calling on residents to learn how to identify and report them.

Since arriving in France in 2004, this mosquito, which lives in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, has been easy to spot in 58 divisions. In Baka, the regional health agency estimates that 97% of the population lives in contact with the Aedes albopictus mosquito.

Health authorities are closely monitoring the extension its location Because the tiger mosquito can carry dengue feverChikungunya and Zika.

The distribution map developed by the Ministry of Health shows that the tiger mosquito is found in southeastern France, and that it has a tendency to peri-urban areas and highly urban areas.

this is interactive map الخريطة It allows you to know if the municipality in which you live is a colony.

© Ministry of Health

To update the data, everyone is invited to report the presence of mosquitoes. You still need to be able to distinguish the bug from its innumerable, harmless cousins.

Tiger mosquito hunt underway

Hence the ARS Paca surveillance campaign that Provençal residents were invited to this summer to report the troublemaker recognizable by its small size and stripes.

On Tiger mosquito reporting portal, everything is explained in detail for you to learn how to identify it (lifestyle, size, spotted appearance, etc.)

The Ministry of Health also states that some simple measures make it possible to avoid the spread of motes, which take advantage of artificial water tanks (vases, pots, barrels, cans, clogs, ditches, drains, gutters, terraces on studs, etc..) to make their larvae.

It must therefore:

  • Empty them regularly (at least once a week) or remove the cups under flower pots and vases
  • Unloading and delivering, or protection of rain garden equipment and various containers
  • Cover the water collection cans with a mosquito net or a piece of cloth, making sure that mosquitoes cannot reach the water.
  • Introducing fish into aquariums, the larvae will eat.

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