Tiger King 2: Carol Baskin sues Netflix as season 2 approaches

epic tiger king It continues to overrun the screen, as we learned earlier this week that Carol Baskin and her husband Howard were suing Netflix as the second season of the popular series approaches.

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Reason? The couple, who heads the Big Cat Rescue animal sanctuary, dispute their photos and the found cat sanctuary in new episodes of the documentary, which will recount the adventures of Joe Exotic, now behind bars.

According to the prosecution documents obtained by diverseCarroll and Howard Baskin specifically accused production company Royal Goode Productions of violating a contract previously signed by both parties, which would have allowed the company to only use Baskins images in the first season of the show. tiger king And not in the suite. The couple was said to have been surprised to see each other appear in the trailer for tiger king 2.

In doing so, prosecutors are asking Netflix and Royal Goode Productions to remove all footage that shows them in the new series and even claim they want to take the lawsuit to a jury.

One thing’s for sure, Carol Baskin doesn’t seem to like it tiger king and his team of documentary filmmakers. If in the past the prolific American had already publicly expressed his reservations – to be polite – about the Netflix series, the legal document filed a few days ago once again insists that the treatment it reserved for Baskin and Big Cat Rescue was “cruel and unfair.” “.

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«tiger king 1 incorrectly indicates the equivalence between Big Cat Rescue and Joe Exotic’s Roadside Zoo and, more broadly, that there is no difference between roadside zoos and certified sanctuaries that rescue animals and provide excellent care for them throughout their lives,” as follows.

The document also criticizes the fact that the documentary deals with the disappearance of Baskin’s first husband, Don Lewis, and raises questions about the attorney general’s involvement in the tragic events.

We recall that tiger king 2Which will see Joe Exotic, Jeff, Lauren Lowe, Allen Glover and Tim Stark return to the screen, will be available from November 17 on Netflix. We can’t wait to see if Carol and Howard Baskin will be there too, finally…

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