Thymox EXT kills the COVID-19 virus in one minute | Business | The show

TheThe product has become one of the only officially approved active plant ingredients products. Lab tests confirm that the disinfectant kills the COVID-19 virus within one minute on hard surfaces, the company claims.

Thanks to these results for Thymox EXT disinfection and cleaning solution, Laboratory M2 is among the first Canadian companies to offer the industrial and institutional market an alternative to conventional chemicals, with officially proven efficacy against the COVID-19 virus, we confirm.

“We have worked for many years to develop a range of products that have proven effective against major brands. Our Thymox EXT cleanser, formulated on the basis of plant ingredients, is as powerful as other products on the market and can help fight the novel coronavirus,” says Geneva Legault, Director of Product Development and Marketing.

Thymox Technology is based on the effectiveness of the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Thymol, an active ingredient of plant origin. It is made with more than 98% ingredients that are renewable, biodegradable, non-irritating and low-toxic.

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