Three reasons to watch the mini-series with Taher Rahim on Charles Sobhraj, “The Bikini Killer”.

Mini series in 8 breathless episodes, Serpent Charles Sobhraj (Taher Rahim) is featured, a “tourist thief” who in the 1970s drugged travelers and then killed them to strip them and use their passports. Accompanied by his companion and partner Marie-Andre Leclerc (Gina Coleman), Charles Subrag gave poison to his victims, claiming that he was treating them for dysentery, in order to keep them under his control. Eighteen people could have died at his hands … Three good reasons to watch the series, a fantastic success co-produced with the BBC and available on Netflix since April 2.

Bonnie and Clyde in Thailand

Under the pseudonym Alain Gauthier – trader in gemstones – Charles Subrag, accompanied by his companion Marie-Andre “Monique” Leclerc, introduces himself to future victims, tourists with a hippie spirit and a wallet full of inner peace. in Asia. Preset step: he and right owner Ajay (Amish Idriwera) discover it in rods or Guest houses. Then they encourage them to join them in Bangkok, where Alan rents an apartment in a large house with a swimming pool. Enough for unforgettable vacations in the company of a witch.

Drugged to the point of thinking they were sick, the tourists allowed themselves to take “drugs” without wobbling, which pushed them into an even more alarming state. Then they are stolen, and then, when the snake’s modus operandi becomes more apparent, they are killed. All with the complicity of Ajay and the approval of Marie-Andre, in love and subjugation by Charles to the point of silencing all his consternation.

The real Charles Suprag in New Delhi when he was arrested in 1977. (LUDWIG / SIPA)

Taher Rahim is adept (and unrecognizable) in the role of this ruthless and hard-to-understand man, an attractive and alluring double agent who is capable of the worst. The duo he posed with Gina Coleman works great: Actress, V. Doctor Who And the Victoria, Allows the suspense to be maintained throughout the eight episodes, which is always a challenge in a biopic. How willing is she to endorse everything for love? Should we pity her or condemn her actions that sometimes appear as a partner, and sometimes the victim of her murderous husband? The flaws of this unique star-like pair were revealed until the eye-catching last episode.

Quality support roles

In the 1970s, communist regimes spread across Southeast Asia and local police in Bangkok tend to pass the towel over the disappearance of tourists. But when Dutch diplomat Hermann Niebenberg (charismatic Billy Howell) appeared, he was seen in DunkirkInformed by the family of two of the latter’s disappearance, he began to investigate … to understand Subraj’s involvement, exhuming the bodies and fighting for justice for the victims.

Hermann and his wife invested in the business, joined by other rich characters (Paul Simmons, Remy, Nadine Gires …), who became capital throughout the series and allow, in the background, a better understanding of the character through Subhraj.

Billy Howell (Hermann Niebenberg) and Tim McKinerney (Paul Simmons) in "Serpent".  (Netflix)

The investigation frame is taking shape little by little with very frequent jumps in time. If they generally do not interfere much with the understanding of the story, then in any case they can tire: a second of inattention and soon we lose track of events. A negative point, however, does not reduce the tension found during the eight episodes.

Substantial change of scenery

The aesthetic of the mini-series is as colorful and luminous as that of Charles Subrag and Marie-Andre Leclerc is black. It’s hard not to feel out of place in the face of the bright and warm colors of Thailand and the beauty of the Nepalese carvings Charles and Ajay crossed. The series faithfully reproduces the 1970s atmosphere: music and fashion in Serpent Designed to take us too far from the living room. And he works: We used to forgive him for all his mistakes.

poster "Serpent".  (Netflix)

Type: Thriller, Autobiography
Created by: Richard Warlow and Toby Finley
Actors: Tahir Raheem, Gina Coleman, Billy Howell, Elle Bamber, Amish Edriwera …
Pay: United kingdom
Available on: Netflix

Summary: The story of fraudster artist Charles Suprag and the remarkable attempts of Dutch diplomat Hermann Niebenberg to bring him to justice. Charles Suprag and his partner Marie-Andre Leclerc traveled through Thailand, Nepal and India between 1975 and 1976, abandoning himself as a gem trader and committing on their way a series of crimes on the Asian “Hebei Road”.

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