Three new must-have features revealed at Microsoft’s Build conference

As usual, Microsoft’s Build conference wasn’t stingy with the new stuff. During this developer event, again organized exclusively online, Redmond made several announcements about low-code solutions and tools. In addition to the general availability of the GitHub Copilot coding helper, which Preview can already be used Several months ago, Microsoft announced a preview of the Rapid Design feature in the Power Apps rapid development platform.

Create an app from a drawing or PDF

Ryan Cunningham, President of Power Apps, sums up, “With just a few clicks, customers can now build web and mobile apps from a wide range of data, including paper forms, PDFs, and whiteboard drawings.” This AI-powered tool can also be based on PowerPoint or even a screenshot of the user interface of an old app. Power Apps will automatically create an application with a functional user experience and a data graph in the Microsoft Dataverse, as the publisher promises. From the starting point created by artificial intelligence, it is possible to make quick adjustments. For example, using pre-built connectors for the platform to integrate the application with existing systems, such as SAP, Salesforce, and SQL.

Preconfigured development environments in the cloud

Microsoft has also unveiled a cloud-based workstation solution, which allows developers to avoid wasting time setting up their development environment. Microsoft Dev Box makes it easy for developers to access the tools and resources they need, so you don’t have to worry about setting up and maintaining workstations. “Development teams preconfigure development boxes for specific projects and tasks, allowing developers to get started quickly,” the publisher explains. At the same time, Microsoft Dev Box ensures that management, security, and compliance issues remain in the hands of IT, with Dev Box ensuring that preconfigured environments integrate with Intune and Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Microsoft Dev Box supports any development IDE, SDK, or internal tool that runs on Windows.

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Interactive co-design in Teams

Microsoft is also expanding the capabilities of collaboration across Teams. The company introduced Live Share, which provides interactivity for meetings in Teams by allowing participants to use co-editing or co-design functions directly in the video conferencing app. These possibilities will be offered by third-party apps that integrate with Teams. A development kit for this purpose is available. As partners who have already built the Live Share integration, mention Microsoft, Hexagon, Skillsoft, MakeCode, Accenture, Parabol and Breakthru.

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