Three must-see Japanese movies

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It’s the holidays and certainly a lot of people need to take the time to watch Netflix, especially for those who don’t leave and are in areas where the weather hasn’t been at its best in recent days. As a result, Netflix is ​​a great way to get away from it all and have a good time, with hundreds of movies and series to watch. Especially in regards to Japanese anime movies, of which we made the 3 best underrated movies to watch.

Three Japanese animated films worth watching

Far from me, near you (2020)

The plot of this movie is the fiery tale of Miyo, who is in love with her fellow Hinode whom she royally ignores. One evening, while returning home, she met a charming cat who was selling her a mask that would allow her to transform into a cat as she wished. Thanks to this appearance, she manages to convince the little boy who does not suspect for a second that the fur ball he named Taro is actually Miyo. A movie about a love story between two college students that should not be missed.

Flavors of Youth (2018)

flavors of youthImage Credit – Netflix

A very interesting movie, divided into three stories as follows: The story takes place in three different cities. Rice Noodles tells the story of a young Beijing worker who remembers his childhood with his grandmother in his hometown. A small fashion show that follows two orphaned sisters from Canton. The eldest started modeling to pay for her sister’s studies. A young man finds the K7 of the girl he fell in love with during his teenage years at Un Amour à Shanghaï. As with Your Name, the studio offers impeccable, poetic, and emotionally charged animation about what it means to be a mean young man between childhood and adulthood. A must see, being a movie released after your name, from the same CoMix Wave animation studio.

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Your Name (2016)

Your Name (2016)

your nameImage Credit – Screenshot on Youtube

Your Name So is the hit movie before Flavors of Youth in 2016. Directed by Makoto Shinkai, this movie tells the story of Mitsuha, a student from rural Japan, and student Taki. from Tokyo. One fine morning, they wake up in each other’s skin when they’ve never met. After taming each other, they will seek to be reunited when the drama appears in Mitsuha’s life. It has been very successful in the Land of the Rising Sun, but also on Netflix since it came online. There is no doubt that the audience appreciated the story, and especially the animation, which is worthy of Miyazaki for some. Suffice it to say that your name is a must.

Three Japanese animated films worth watching

With summer vacation still going, some are turning to Netflix to pass the time. Today, we bring you top 3 Japanese anime movies to see if you are a fan of this genre. Find out this top 5 now.

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