Thousands of Newfoundlanders urged to get screened | COVID-19 in the Atlantic Ocean

The region includes towns along and north of the Trans-Canada Highway Badger And the turning off, No Mutt And the Grand Falls Windsor.

All residents of the area – tens of thousands of people – are being urged to get tested, even if they don’t have symptoms of COVID-19.

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The area between Badger and Jumbo, Newfoundland, now moves to Alert Level 4.

Photo: Courtesy of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Public Health reported only five new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Monday. Three of them are associated with an outbreak in the Central Health District and the other two in the Eastern Province.

But Dre Janice Fitzgerald, Chief Medical Officer of Health, explains that there is a need to expand health restrictions due to the number of close contacts of the infected in The recent outbreak in the Lewisporte area.

All residents of these communities can be tested so please get tested even if you have no symptoms. If you have symptoms, it is most likely COVID-19.

Quote from:Dr. Janice Fitzgerald, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Newfoundland and Labrador

Public Health has reported another 11 suspected cases, that is, cases that were detected using rapid tests and whose results must be confirmed in the regional laboratory.

A new notice of exposure to the virus has also been published. It comes to Subway at 16th Street Hamlin, In Saint-Jean. Public Health is asking people who visited the venue on Sunday, from 6:30 PM to 7 PM, to call 811 without delay to take a screening test.

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The source of the outbreak is unknown

know Fitzgerald Indicates that the outbreak is most likely caused by one of the types of coronavirus, but public health has not yet determined which one. The source of the outbreak is not yet known.

know Fitzgerald It indicates that the outbreak will be related to multiple gatherings, including at least one sporting gathering. And she hopes the rest of the province does not need to adopt stricter rules, like last February.

I hope we can avoid a situation like thisas you say.

At Alert Level 4, people should prioritize working remotely, most indoor public spaces should be closed, and official gatherings, such as funerals, are limited to 10 people. Outdoor activities can continue.

The English-speaking school district says 36 schools in the district will close at Alert Level 4 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Virtual teaching is expected to take place on Wednesday and face-to-face lessons are expected to resume Thursday. No French speaking school is affected by the new health rules.

There are now 33 confirmed cases linked to the outbreak reported last Friday in the area between them Lewisporte And the Summerford.

The vaccination is ongoing

Vaccination continues in cities that move to alert level 4, but people who have at least one symptom of COVID-19 cannot enter vaccination centers. Public health does not know, at present, how many people infected with Coronavirus have already received at least one dose of the vaccine against the disease.

Minister of Health John Hagee, People can make an appointment at one of the three testing centers in the area, located in Mutt, to me Grand Falls Windsor And for Lewisporte. He explained that the equipment needed to conduct 2,000 rapid tests was sent to the region over the weekend. He adds that other mobile centers could be established.

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Public health asks everyone in the region to undergo tests, noting that there is community infection and that some people who have tested positive have not shown symptoms.

Hours wait in Lewisporte

to me LewisporteOn Sunday, many people waited hours in their cars before being tested at the mobile center set up on the same day at the Salvation Army Church.

There was a large number of people who wanted to take the test, Explains the deputy mayor Lewisporte, Krista Freake, Who has been waiting for hours and is finally due to test it on Monday. You have to remain calm, gentle, and above all, be patient.

Some residents Summerford They say they are frustrated after driving for 50 minutes and hours waiting in line to get to the center where they were established Lewisporte.

I get the impression that we were surprised. We were not prepared enough for a position of this size in this region. We could organize screening clinics in several sectorsThe mayor believes, Kevin Barnes. In hindsight, we can always find errors. But we will get over it.

In a statement Sunday, the Newfoundland Central Health Authority apologized for the confusion and frustration surrounding the test center.

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