Thousands of dollars were stolen from Tom Cruise merchandise while filming Mission: Impossible

Tom Cruise’s rough driveway in Birmingham during the filming of Mission: Impossible… His car was stolen along with all his personal belongings valued at several thousand euros.

Tom Cruise will remember filming the seventh installment of the Mission: Impossible saga…not necessarily for good. This Friday, August 27, British media the sun He revealed that the actor had stolen his car during filming. The 39-year-old American actor was in Birmingham (UK) for the seventh part of the famous epic, directed by Christopher Macquarie.

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Authorities said the vehicle, a BMW X7 SUV, was removed from Church Street in front of the Grand Hotel. Tom Cruise was staying there while filming. The car was eventually found a little further away. “Thanks to the CCTV images, investigations were conducted in the area where the car was found,” a police source said. Work continues.”

Flight technology ‘worthy of a movie series’

The car could be found a little further away, on Tuesday 24th August…without the things that were inside. The actor’s bags and personal belongings, estimated at several thousand euros, are still missing. the sun He tells of the technology the thieves used, “worthy of a movie series full of Mission Impossible devices, which allowed the gang to escape by car under the noses of the security team. They would have scanned the signal and then duplicated a key to this luxury car, every two minutes only from a police station.”

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Filming this last impossible mission was unforgettable. Tom Cruise did not hesitate to appear in public and the British were able to witness funny scenes such as a steam locomotive being thrown off a cliff in the small village of “Stony Middleton”. We’ll have to wait a little longer before seeing the end result: the film should be released in France in the spring of 2022.

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