Thomas Pesquet will be able to preview the film in space

The astronaut, a huge fan of the Alexander Astaire series, will have the privilege of watching the much-anticipated film derived from the cult program.

Busy with his mission aboard the International Space Station until next October, Thomas Pesquet will still be able to find out Camelot’s First Painting In space, without waiting for his return to Earth, Monday evening Alexander Astaire confirmed the set daily.

“I’ll try, yeah,” said the actor and director, before adding, “NASA has to see it to make sure there’s no encouragement in my movie to blow up a station. International space. I’ve seen the movie, I’ve noticed I’m very light on the subject. very good! “

However, Alexandre Astaire will have to translate his film in English: “His companions are not French speakers. They should not be bored either. I understand that they all looked at things a little together.”

In a month at the cinema

The only problem: Thomas Pesquet will not see the film in the same conditions as in the cinema: “The Internet tube that separates us from the International Space Station is very small. So I have to send him things, not very big.” “I don’t know if I’ll get there, but I’ll try,” Astier adds.

A petition was launched last month to allow Thomas Pesquet, a big fan of the series, to see the movie in preview.

Moved by the enthusiasm the script encountered, he revealed that he was already in touch with Alexander Astaire: “Don’t worry, I’ve spoken to the King before leaving and prepare something for me. It will help me in the times when I’m big on this space quest.”

It is expected on July 21 in cinemas. KV1 The film takes place ten years after the events told in the series imagined by Alexander Astaire, and aired on M6 between 2005 and 2009. The original cast will return, surrounding newcomers including Clovis Cornelac and Sting.

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