Thomas Pesquet puts Marguerite Duras into orbit in the great dictation of space

About 500 people of all ages are expected to be present at the Air and Space Museum in Le Bourget (Seine-Saint-Denis), near Paris, equipped with newspaper and a pen, to write an extract from Marguerite Duras at the dictation of the astronaut. The novel “A Dam on the Pacific Ocean”.

Outdoor event: At 3 p.m., on the amphitheater of the exhibition where tables and chairs will be set up, a giant screen will broadcast a pre-recorded video of Thomas Bisquet, on a mission since April at the International Space Station, 400 km from Earth.

“It was Thomas Pesquet who chose this classic French literature,” explains novelist Rachid Santaky, founder of the giant spelling. For eight years, the author of black novels (including The Angels Dress in caillera) has “taken dictation out of school” for rejecting it in unlikely places and making it a popular and “great” exercise: he has read more than 500 texts in prisons, urban neighborhoods, and in Stade de France, but also on social networks and radio.

“Mocking an exercise has a bad reputation sometimes.”

“By taking dictation into space, we will make people dream!” The writer excited, anxious to overcome the “shock” that might have come from some exercise on the school benches. “I really like the principle of sarcasm — I hope — an exercise that sometimes has a bad reputation,” the 43-year-old astronaut’s message abounds.

Thomas Pesquet admits that he read “Un barrage contre le Pacifique,” published in 1950 at the age of twenty, to see how the dam’s metaphor resonates in me now.”

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After his first reading of the excerpt (about 700 characters), Rachid Santaky will deal with the second stanza, in slow flow, before a self-correcting session. The event will be broadcast on Saturday 11 September at 5 pm while broadcasting on France Culture.

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