Thomas Pesquet gives his news from space and shares beautiful photos

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The astronaut flew into space for six months and intends to share the flight with Internet users.

On April 24, SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Endeavor capsule docked at the International Space Station. Another Elon Musk success. On board the capsule, four astronauts, among them Frenchman Thomas Pesquet. He is very popular, and millions of subscribers follow him on social networks, sharing with them many beautiful photos taken from space. Thus, we discover views of Paris, Normandy (where Thomas Pesquet came from), or the Nile Valley. A wonderful sight that deserves to be admired.

6 berths for 11 people

On Friday, April 30th, Thomas Pesquet also spoke at a press conference from Space. After spending 24 hours on board the aforementioned capsule, the French astronaut joined his colleagues on the International Space Station. During this Alpha mission, which will last for six months, more than two hundred scientific experiments will be conducted alongside American, Japanese and Russian astronauts. During a video interview, he returned to this first week and shared his impressions.

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« Taking off had incredible sensations, I hadn’t experienced that for four years. If you like to ride galleries then missile takeoff is the best thing to do. It was a great moment, we all smiled. He also explained that there were eleven on board the space station yet only had six docks. So five people must “camp” as revealed. Crew must also share two toilets. ” There is sometimes a waiting list during the day Jokingly, it was an exceptional trip after that.

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