Thomas Pesquet explains that it is not easy to fold your clothes in space

Space – The captain of the International Space Station loves to spend quality time with his minions. After evenings of pizza, exploring the pantry or hair salon on the space station, Thomas Pesquet makes us discover another mystery of everyday life in space: how to fold your clothes on the International Space Station.

In a video he posted on his Twitter account, the French astronaut, not without humor, tries to fold his polo shirt without difficulty, As you can see in the video above. A sequence intended more for entertainment than information, as there is no washing machine on board the space station.

French astronaut Jean-Francois Clairvoy explained that “a washing machine in space would be a veritable factory of gas, and we would rather do without it.” In an interview with Science & Avenir. According to the magazine, the dirty laundry will be deposited in the dustbins of the International Space Station, that is, cargo ships that are used only to transport equipment.

The cargo ships would then be separated from the station and then accelerated into the Earth’s atmosphere where they would burn up due to frictional forces. The captain of the International Space Station is familiar with the “tutorials” posted on social networks: he recently revealed the secrets of the diving suit he wore upon exiting the station.

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