This will happen in the next season of Elite on Netflix

in a 2018And elite established in Netflix As one of the most important bets on the Spanish platforms. With International personalities and actors money theftThe series quickly managed to establish itself among the favorites of young people. today with four seasons Posted on the streaming giant, it looks completely different and is already getting ready New releases from this year. Here we tell you everything that is known so far!

located in High school More famous, students begin to live surrounded by Murders They consider them a prime suspect. Not only that: In addition, students from different social classes began to develop links The most confrontational. And of course, marital relations They don’t take long to become the heroes of scandals.

In this sense, they will at least be released two seasons from elite from now on. But first, a The second batch of The Elite: Short Stories. This Thursday ad tape He accessed the verified profiles of the series and automatically placed his loyal followers among the trending content. Unlike the first part, it will be a file Role objective And as it will happen in December of this year, Christmas will be the protagonist. Check out the trailer here!

To find out what happens next season of eliteWe must first wait for the premiere of this small series. The first episode titled Philip, Kai and PhilippeIt will be released on Wednesday December 15 Where the character is played Alex Monier. Likewise the romantic relationship between the roles of Paul Grinch and Georgina Amoros How much fans liked it in the fourth installment.

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The second chapter will focus on Samuel and OmarThe main characters since the first season of elite. will arrive monday December 20 With Omar Ayuso and Itzan Escamilla accompanied by Claudia Salas In Rebeka’s skin as the center of attention. Finally, Thursday December 23 to reach PatrickInspired by character manu rios with his sisters Mencia (Martina Caridi) and Ari (Carla Diaz). It won’t be until 2022 when we see Season 5 with extras Andre Lamoglia and Valentina Zener.

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