This weekend, two plays in Plerin, at Espace Roger Olivier – Plerin

Its representatives are called Benoît, Pierre, Stéphanie, Dominique, Audrey and Jules. They come from completely different worlds, from the computer scientist to the college student, passing through the prison official, gymnastics coach, retired employee, and young captain. Neither age nor their community of origin differentiated them. At the Théâtre d’ici et d’ailleurs, they immerse themselves in the same joy of theatre, understanding each other “with a simple look” and “grasping the hair of one who is in difficulty”. With a basic desire to make people laugh.

Directed by Audrey Descamps

What will they do on Saturday and Sunday, by presenting the piece “Allez! We are dancing! by Vivian Lheraux. A funny detective comedy in which a young couple will have to deal with a dodgy aunt, a vulgar maid, a delinquent nephew and an intrusive guest.

A piece that may never have seen the light of day, with the departure of regular director, Yannick Nicholas, who now devotes his spare time to writing…for the theatre. It was Audrey Descamps, who was already on the boards and head of the band, who agreed to take over.

in favor of DID’J 22

“I first felt the impostor syndrome. But the premieres in Pommeret and Tréveneuc eliminated this lack of legitimacy. In the first laughs and the first comments (from the stage, we hear very well what is being said in the room!), we forget about stage fright and tension, “she affirms.

Laugh, spectators from here and elsewhere will do it a favour Is 22Association to support young diabetics and their families. With the desire to be able to provide St Brieuc University Hospital with a glycated hemoglobin reader, making life easier for patients.

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Rue du Stade, Saturdays at 8:30pm and Sundays at 2:30pm Admission: €8, adults; 3 euros, under 12 years old.

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