This unassuming comedy shot to the top of the world thanks to its huge success in France

The film released in France in 2019, which was not popular with the audience nor with the critics, is a hit on Netflix and allows it to break into the best world of the platform.

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This is amazing information that can be found in the world’s top 10 ranking of Netflix streaming platform. Regarding the week from March 6 to 12. French Film Actually ranks ninth. So far nothing very original, other than thatIt is a feature film released in 2019 that received only or nearly bad reviews. However, the castIbizaDirected by Arnaud Lemort, it features famous actors such as Christian Clavier, Mathilde Senner, Olivier Marchal and Joy Starr. Only 630,000 spectators went into the darkened rooms to discover the story of Philippe and Carol, played by Christian Clavier and Mathilde Senner, who are both divorced and have just met. To make his story last, Philip intends to pocket Carol’s children, including the eldest. For this, he prepares him, if he gets his baccalaureate, he will be able to choose the place of his summer vacation. So Ibiza was chosen, to the great chagrin of Philip, who was accustomed to quiet holidays in the Baie de Somme.

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Ibizaa comedy criticized by the spectators

During the week of March 6-12, the film, which ran 1 hour and 26 minutes, racked up 1,420,000 viewing hours. And only in France since it is only available on the platform in our country. At the time of its release, audiences were pretty rough on the movie: “It’s stereotypical, predictable and ultimately uninteresting. Fabian Ontinente I could have directed that movie…that’s not a compliment on my part.”wrote one user, while another was more difficult: “Admittedly The actors Not bad, but the script is pathetic and the production is bad. The only positive point is that the neurons are at rest.

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Ibiza, the reviews are not very kind either

Barely more positive, critics were down, too. Parisian He was talking about a “Guaranteed headache” And Les Inrockuptiblesfrom “A family comedy full of patriarchal pre-#MeToo clichés”. Telerama to explain: We were surprised to adopt the same regretful look as Carol’s children appreciating their stepfather: “He looks 600,000 years old.” “Movie’s humor, too.” current wife He saw it very differently from his colleagues: “we are going Get a dose of sunshineexoticism and a good sense of humor do us the greatest good.” What if this is why it is so popular today?

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