This travel agency has decided not to offer activities with captive dolphins

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The exploitation of animals for entertainment is an increasingly unacceptable phenomenon these days. In the face of numerous protests about it, travel agency Expedia has decided to stop selling accommodations that include shows of whales in captivity.

Strict regulations to ensure the welfare of dolphins and other cetaceans

If the exploitation of wild animals in circuses is now prohibited in many countries – including France – this is unfortunately not the case with dolphins and other aquatic animals in dolphins. Indeed, if countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland and Croatia decide to ban the exploitation of cetaceans for recreational purposes, many other countries do not have such regulations. In some of these countries, dolphins are kept in captivity and sometimes under conditions that conflict with the welfare of the animals.

Even if this type of spectacle still attracts some curiosity, an increasing number of animal rights activists are protesting against the dolphins. Given this new hostile trend against dolphin shows, the travel agency Expedia I decided to take decisive action to participate in this battle. If the company is unable to prevent the exploitation of cetaceans for entertainment purposes, it has decided to act by stopping the promotion of accommodations and establishments that offer aquatic shows that include animals in captivity.

Expedia announced the decision via Twitter. ” We recently modified our Animal Welfare Policy. As a result, attractions and activities that include displays or interactions with dolphins and other cetaceans will not be available on our Sites. ‘, we can read in a tweet. In note Expedia clarifies the agency’s regulations on travel experiences with animals, and says that certified zoos, aquariums, and reserves will not be excluded from its catalogs. The same goes for natural or semi-natural habitats with the possibility of observing cetaceans.

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This decision is an example, animal rights activists praised

This decision was clearly welcomed by animal welfare advocates. ” This is great news and something we have been fighting for since 2019. We are so glad they listened. Said Catherine Wise, Campaign Director for the International Animal Protection Association. She also explained that Expedia’s decision should serve as a model for other travel agencies, playing an important role in promoting this type of entertainment that harms the well-being of dolphins, whales, wildlife and other marine animals. With this in mind, the association and its peers will continue to campaign to ban dolphins.

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Note that at present, 3,000 dolphins are still held around the world for recreational purposes daily Mail. Fortunately, this type of unethical attraction is less popular with travel agencies. Prior to Expedia, TripAdvisor also decided to stop promoting and selling attractions that include cetaceans in captivity, and this has been since 2019. It should be noted that Expedia still works with about fifty brands that exploit dolphins in captivity for entertainment. This has not been the case since 2022.

It should also be noted that Expedia’s guidelines on animal welfare not only pertain to cetaceans, but also include the prohibition of all activities that could directly or indirectly harm wild animals.

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