This thriller managed to pop up on Netflix, without making any plot surprises


: September 23, 2021 on Netflix

: Thriller

: 93 minutes

: United State

: Adam Salky

: Freda Pinto (“Slumdog Millionaire”), Logan Marshall Green (“Spider-Man: Homecoming”), Robert John Burke

Netflix Summary
A couple moves into their dream home and suffers a deadly break-in. The traumatized woman investigates and realizes that the real danger is yet to come…

we saw
: The movie is interesting, even if the plot has been watched and revised a bit. So don’t expect any big surprise. This suspense arrives from the beginning of the film, and slowly fades away, until we are left with a somewhat disappointing final “twist.” In short, it lets you watch, but don’t expect the movie of the century either.

Editor’s note
: 3/5

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