This testimony of “as is” UFOs in US hands forced NASA to react

International – Are They Among Us? David Charles Krusch, a former colonel assigned to the Pentagon, confirmed in shocking testimony that secret programs that made possible the recovery of spacecraft remains of “non-human” origin were hidden from elected officials. It’s American media The DebriefOn Monday, June 5, the case was revealed to be highly biased in its thesis on the existence of extraterrestrials.

For Krush, a former US soldier in the US Air Force, “ We are not alone In the universe, he saw it with his own eyes. You can watch it in the video at the top of this article, he argues that the United States is in possession of unidentified space phenomena (UAP). In July 2021, Krush provides classified information regarding UFOs to the Department of Defense DOT-IG. Nine months later, the 36-year-old decided to officially become a whistleblower by initiating the process with the US Congress.

He says that he has entrusted it “Classified Information” They are in May 2022 “Wrongly Blocked” Or “Hidden” to Congress through agents “Intentionally and willfully defeating lawful surveillance”By members of parliament, of the UFO analysis project, he says The Debrief.

140 cases of unexplained encounters

His allegations are particularly noteworthy as they follow a 2021 UAP report released by the Pentagon, which found more than 140 unexplained encounters. The revelations came after leaked military footage showing unexplained phenomena in the skies, while Navy pilots testified to frequent encounters with strange craft off the US coast.

While the US Department of Defense has not responded to David Charles Krusch’s allegations, a NASA spokesperson said in a statement: One of NASA’s top priorities is the search for life elsewhere in the universe, but so far NASA has found no reliable evidence of extraterrestrial life and no evidence that UAPs are aliens. However, NASA is exploring the solar system and beyond to help answer fundamental questions, including whether we are alone in the universe..

Nevertheless, the subject has never been more topical, including the US agency. On May 31, NASA held its first public meeting on UFOs. A panel of experts is calling on the public to provide more data, including videos of unexplained events filmed on their phones, to better understand the phenomenon.

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