This switch from Tekken to Elden Ring does not satisfy Tekken product

A Tekken fan created a mod elden ring. This obviously does not satisfy Katsuhiro Harada, director and producer of the fighting game epic.

elden ring He’s been an exciting player around the world for several weeks now. And FromSoftware’s RPG is so great that some don’t hesitate to activate their creative fibers in order to spawn unlikely marriages. This situation is proof of that. : Developed by Ultraboy and published on March 30, 2022, it allows to combine certain characters fromelden ring (The game you can read its test here) In the PC version of Tekken 7.

Specifically, turning Tekken 7 at elden ring Replaces the emergence of some fighting game heroes. For example, Kazumi Mishima becomes the witch Ranni, while Craig Marduk appears as Radahn. There’s even a giant crab, which has become a Heihachi costume. In short, it is rather funny and the ad video has been a huge hit. Moreover, it is very successful that the situation is a problem for Tekken product…

Elden Ring mod is very successful for Tekkenنتج

Katsuhiro Harada, the face of Tekken, talked about the situation in Tweet posted on March 31. He remembers that the two video games were published by Bandai Namco, which does not make this project irrelevant at all. But it is precisely this point that falters: some rather naive fans clearly think it’s a true extension of Tekken 7. ” This was done ridiculously but please stop it ‘, he says. How can we not believe in this possibility when we know it? Tekken 7 already hosted surviving the walking Dead ?

He continues: ” You may not know it, but surprisingly there are many people who think it’s official and contact us In short, the mod is done so well that Bandai Namco receives a lot of messages to see if it is a real fighting game in the world ofElden ring. True, we believe it by looking at the pictures, knowing that the great success of choosing an RPG will be adapted to an experience close to Tekken. In the trailer, we’ll notice the clash between Radahn and Malenia: could this be a reference to another model imagining An uphill duel between two worst bosses ?

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Malenia in Tekken mode. //source: Tekken mod

Finally, there is an undeniable influence of word of mouth. We take it as evidence Ultraboy Tweet stats Highlight of his style: Nearly 20,000 retweets and nearly 80,000 “likes”. Figures that show that people like this relationship between Tekken and elden ring. And if Katsuhiro Harada rises to the bar, it will be to prevent a lobbying campaign so that the mod becomes an official extension or even, frankly, a full-fledged game.

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