This surprisingly suspenseful movie starring Bridgerton sold for a tidy sum

After, after The Bridgerton Chronicle, hardcore fans of the show will reunite with one of the show’s stars in a psychological thriller about a toxic relationship. A movie whose rights were sold to Netflix for a good sum.

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Projects follow one another Phoebe Dynevor. After small roles on television, the actress’s career took off whenShe joins the cast The Bridgerton ChronicleAnd Based on the book series of the same name. Fantasy production Shonda Rhimesonline in December 2020 Netflix. It has hardly been launched on the streaming platform, It becomes a real hit all over the world And He broke many records. Actress in vogue, Phoebe Dynevor belts out roles. Remarkably worked in the movie color room next to Matthew Goodein the series ten percent Adapted from ten percent Where it plays its own and you will soon be The main thriller fair playwhich Netflix recently acquired the rights to.

Netflix acquires the rights to the film fair play With Phoebe Dynevor in the cast

After directing short films and episodes Litigation: Detailed Attorneys And trillionDirector Chloe Dumont directed the actors Phoebe Dynevor, Alden Ehrenreich and Eddie Marsan in his feature film debut, titled fair play. After creating a sensation at the 39th edition of the Sundance Festival, Netflix has acquired the rights to the film and will release it worldwide soon. As mentioned detourAnd The rights to the psychological thriller were sold for $20 million. In this movie, we follow the story of Luke and Emily, a newly engaged couple who work together in a company. Everything goes well between them until the day the young woman gets a promotion. This good news will lead to a change in the couple’s dynamic and it will start intruding into their personal lives.

Phoebe Dynevor will return in the third season of the show Bridgerton

While waiting for the movie to be available on Netflix, viewers who subscribe to the platform will find it Phoebe Dynevor in the third season cast Bridgertonwhose The release date was not disclosed. It was new model Jess Brownell who confirmed the good news last May. “We want to keep seeing all of the Bridgerton siblings. Those family moments together are essential and make everyone want to be Bridgerton. So yes, you will see Daphne, Anthony, and Kate againshe confided, then specified that they wouldn’t necessarily be leading characters.

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