This surprising movie has already become one of the most watched movies on the platform

Already available on Prime Video, this movie released in 2019 is now causing quite a stir among Netflix subscribers! The day after it was added to the catalog, it was already at the top of the most watched programs at the moment.

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On Netflix, while some movies leave the catalog forever, others have a chance to shine with subscribers. September 2022 is full of novelties, perfect to accompany the sad evenings of the beginning of the school year! after, after pimp diariesAnd the career plan or under the embersIn N rouge, the company published a thriller that was released in 2019. Directed by Deon Taylor, the film brings the film together The gorgeous Megan Judd, Michael Ealy and Dennis Quaid in the cast. The day after its publication, Intervention hiking Fourth place in the top ten One of the most viewed content at the moment, and at the time of this writing, it’s still around! So, should we watch this unanimous thriller of the streaming platform’s subscribers? Here’s what you need to know about it!

Intervention On Netflix, what is it about?

Intervention It follows Annie and Scott, a couple who decide to leave their small apartment in favor of a big and beautiful home. Having gone through hard times, they want to start from scratch and above all build a family. In the middle of the countryside, they fall in love with a house, at first sight, It appears immune to noise and interference. It was unfortunately without relying on Charlie, the previous owner, who, even after Having received more than 3 million dollars for saleHe struggles to separate from his home. Charlie Beck is Willing to do anything to regain his possessions, And Annie and Scott are far from imagining how much.

Who is sendingIntervention on Netflix?

Meagan Good presents her features to Annie and Michael Ealy (Seven soulsShe plays her husband Scott Russell. The two actors filmed together in 2012 in the movie Think like a man. He plays Charlie Peck, the chaotic element of the film Dennis Quaid (Hero stuff, my other dog lives), while Joseph Sikora (EnergyHe plays Mike, a friend of the couple. Alvina August plays Rachel, girlfriend of Mike, Lily Sippy, Debs Howard and Lee Shorten.

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