This super nostalgic ’90s block won’t be available soon

In less than a week, you’ll be leaving this nugget of the ’90s with the basketball legend from the Netflix catalog! Take advantage of the next few days to watch this animated movie again, which won’t be available on October 14th.

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As you already know, many movies and series leave Netflix For reasons of broadcasting rights. But to make up for the disappearance of this content, the streaming giant is adding several new features every month. after, after Bella’s amazing adventureAnd the Fargo And the Johnny English Strikes BackMore than ten films will be deposited on October 14. So Netflix subscribers only have a few days left to (re)watch movies recklessAnd the SoleilAnd the SWATAnd the Dangal or welcome to the Jungle. Little ones can also take advantage of these next few days to discover with or without their parents Animation movie crowded place with Michael Jordan before he goes No longer available October 14.

This cult movie from the ’90s starring Michael Jordan

the story ? Bugs Bunny and his friends, Looney Tunes, are attacked by Nerdlucks, the hateful aliens It looks like dwarves want to turn them into slaves to keep them entertained. Hoping to thwart this evil plan, Looney Tunes propose to the aliens to argue A basketball game whose outcome will decide their fate: If they win, the foreigners must return and leave them in peace; Otherwise the melodies would agree to be enslaved. When Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck learn that Martians are using their power to steal the talent and power of the best players on the planet, they decide Invite Champion Michael Jordan to help them win the match.

crowded place: The second part was critically acclaimed

24 years after the release of crowded placeThe second part with LeBron James was released in July 2021 in French cinemas. The global basketball icon and his youngest son, Dom, who wants to be a video game developer and not a basketball player like his father, find themselves stuck in the World Server, a virtual space run by Al-G Rhythm, a malicious studio algorithm from Warner Bros. While holding his son, LeBron is sent to the world of Looney Tunes where Bugs Bunny is now the only occupant. With his help, the NBA star will try everything to find Dom in this unknown world. Upon its release, a sequel to crowded place (can be found on MyCanal) It received more than a mixed reception from critics, but also from spectators.

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